I ran multimillion user online projects: entrepreneur, an award-winning developer with 20+ years of experience. In the gaming industries, I grew PlayFab, now part of Microsoft, from 0 to more than half of our high-profile global games and reached over 1.2B MAU. I built studios for Unity Technologies and Ubisoft. I also produced and directed many projects for corporations, private and public organizations around the world. Lead departments and pushed the limits for U.N.E.S.C.O., Marketel McCann, Cossette, and others. Clients include Mentos, Air Canada, Cadillac, L’Oréal Maybelline, Rogers, and more than 40 others. During those years, I worked in Zurich, London, Boston, Vancouver, Samoa, Singapore, Berlin, and now Montreal. Previously Engagement Manager at Microsoft Azure PlayFab and now Head of Growth at Photon Engine.

Mark Val is always looking for new challenges in the online industry.

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